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 Santa and Mrs. Claus will be available for visits 

during the 2023 Holiday season


Please contact Gidget the Elf for more information and to schedule in-person visits in the San Diego area.

We will do our best to accommodate your holiday wish of having a visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus!

We are grateful to share the joy of Christmas with you. Here are a few points that will help us to enjoy our time together the most!

Please take a look at our calendar to see available dates and times then contact us by email or phone to invite Santa and Mrs. Claus to your celebration.

Santa and Mrs. Claus are only in San Diego for a short time!

Wednesday through Sunday, December 11-23 2022

from 12pm - 8pm

Santa and Mrs. Claus are able to visit with up to 15 Children during a one hour booking. One hour minimum per booking. Santa is able to pass out gifts if you would like to provide them, please let Mrs. Claus know in advance. 

Details will be discussed during a short phone call with Mrs. Claus when you get in contact about availabilityThe only way to invite Santa and Mrs. Claus to your event is by phone or email

Please have the following information ready to share:

Preferred date and time

Event Location

Number of Guests/ Children


Santa and Mrs. Claus are not able to participate in outdoor events in case of rain. If a scheduled outdoor event can be moved indoors they are happy to relocate but will need to leave the bus behind and arrive in a standard vehicle. Deposits for cancelled outdoor events due to rain will be refunded.

  • Please reserve one parking place closest to the entrance for our arrival. If you could kindly let us know where it is ahead of time for a smooth entrance. We’ll be arriving in a yellow & white 1965 VW bus that is decked out for the holidays.

  • To keep the magic alive, please remember we like to be called Santa & Mrs Claus.

  • Since we will be larger than life, having a wide place to sit for both Santa, Mrs Claus & kids to join us would be grand.

  • Santa and his jolly suit will add to his already warm heart. We would be most grateful to not be seated directly next to any major heat source, such as a heater or fireplace. 

  • To maintain the magic, please do not hand Santa or Mrs Claus any visible cash. If the need arises, a christmas card would be the most discreet way to do so.

  • Mrs Claus will have ‘Carol of the Bells’ magically ring in her pouch when our time has come to an end. That is our queue to ‘go feed the reindeer’. Please support us to work our way out of the room for a polite yet timely exit. 

Thank you for this opportunity to bring the spirit of Christmas to you and your loved ones, by embodying the message of having a giving spirit and being love in the world.


May all of your days be bright,

Santa and Mrs. Claus

2023 Calendar of Availability

Available dates and times will be listed below later this year.
Please join the mailing list to be notified when the calendar is opened for 2023
Please contact us by email or phone to invite Santa and Mrs. Claus to your celebration.

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