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Santa and Mrs. Claus are cruisin' around San Diego in a decked out ‘65 VW Bus this holiday season, ready to bring Christmas joy and magic to you and your loved ones!
While cruising over San Diego on a pre-Christmas test flight Santa and Mrs. Claus had to make an unexpected landing in Santa's Magic Sleigh. They found themselves in a beautiful place called Balboa Park and were quickly rescued by a nice Zookeeper from the nearby San Diego Zoo. The Zookeeper offered to care for the reindeer at the Zoo while Santa got in touch with an Elf who had moved to San Diego to spend his retirement in the sun and sand. The retired Elf happily got to work repairing the Sleigh while Santa and Mrs. Claus wondered how to spend their unexpected vacation time. The Zookeeper, a cool surfer dude, offered Santa and Mrs. Claus his '65 VW Bus so they could explore the city and bring Christmas Joy and Magic to the people of San Diego. Catch them while you can this holiday season before they head back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve! 

 Santa and Mrs. Claus will be available for visits from

Noon to 8pm on Wednesdays through Sundays beginning December 11.


They will be heading back to the North Pole for Christmas Eve so their final visits in San Diego will be on December 23.


Please check the calendar for availability then contact Gidget the Elf for more information and to schedule in-person visits in the San Diego area.

We will do our best to accommodate your holiday wish of having a visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus!


Dear Gidget,

Santa and I are loving San Diego! There are worse places to crash land a sleigh! The reindeer are being cared for at the Zoo and the Zookeeper loaned us his yellow VW bus! I've sent some photos along. We're going to spread as much joy here as we can before the Sleigh is fixed and we can fly home for Christmas! In the meantime we'll be very busy with all the wonderful people we're meeting here, can you keep track of our social calendar? Our new friends will be calling soon! 

Love, Mrs. Claus

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